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Burnt Ranch Elementary School District

California Distinguished School

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to enroll my child(ren) in the After School Program?

The short answer is no, but there are a couple of great reasons too. The first is our program offers fun diverse enrichment actives and engaging academic support. The After School staff works closely with teachers to help support our students' academic needs while still making it fun! We regularly survey students to see what creative and expressive activities they want to be a part of. During the program day, students might learn about different animals, how to make a hiking trail, learn a part in a play, take photos, compete on a sports team or who knows maybe even read a book! (wink wink)

Where and how do I pick my child(ren) up from campus?

If you are picking your child(ren) up before the end of their school day you will need to go to the BRS front office where a staff member will call your child from class while you then sign them out on the Daily Sign Out Sheet.
If you are picking your child(ren) up during the After School Program first you will need to sign your child(ren) out on the Daily Sign Out Sheet. Then use the walkie-talkie to state your name, your child(rens) name(s), and the ASES staff that will confirm they heard you and send the kids to the front of the school.

How do I enroll my child(ren) in the After School Program?

When registering your child(ren) for school there is a section on the front of the Student Registration Form that asks "Do you want to enroll your child in the After School Program." Simply check the box marked yes and that's all you need to do. If your child is not currently signed up for the program or you are not sure you checked this box, feel free to contact BRS and ask for confirmation of enrollment in the After School Program. 

Does my child(ren) need to be enrolled in the After School Program to ride the bus?

Yes, your child(ren) must be enrolled in the After School program to be able to ride the bus home. School ends for all students at 2:45 pm. There are two afternoon bus runs. The first is at 3:30 pm and is a full bus run, meaning it drives into Trinity Village for student drop offs then continues into Willow Creek. The second bus is at 4:45 pm and is a modified run that does not go into Trinity Village. The bus stops at Paula's Corner and then continues the rest of the regular route into Willow Creek. If your child(ren) is not enrolled in the After School Program they would need to be picked up at the end of their school day. 

I need to make a bus schedule change or have someone not currently on my emergency contact list pick my child(ren) up at school or from their bus stop. What do I do?

If you need to take a bus change for your child(ren) you can send a note to school with the first and last name of the child(ren), what the change is, who is picking them up, and where as well as the date of the change. For example, "Timmy Smith is on no bus Tuesday, Sept 8th. He will be picked up by his Dad John at school."
If you have made arrangements for someone other than a person listed on your emergency contact list to pick your child(ren) up from school or their bus stop, you must call the school and notify the office of this event. This person picking up your child(ren) will need to show a valid government issued picture ID, preferably DMV issued driver's license. If there are any issues confirming who is picking your child(ren) we will contact their parent/guardian to confirm. If we are unable to confirm with you we will not release your child(ren).

What happens if I'm running late and can't pick my child(ren) up before the program ends?

We understand that living in a rural community sometimes it is difficult to anticipate delays like unknown road construction stops and slow truck traffic. We ask that you contact the school as soon as possible to let us know you will be late to pick up your child(ren) from the After School Program. This allows us to make staffing changes if needed and also let your child(ren) know what is happening to help alleviate any worries they may have.
If you are late to a bus stop, your child(ren) will not be let off the bus and will instead continue to ride the bus. If you are able to meet the bus at a stop later in the route perfect! If not, don't worry, they will come back up to the school and rejoin the After School Program where hopefully we have already heard from you. If we have not heard from you we will try and contact you or one of your child(rens) emergency contacts to make a plan for pick up.

What are the codes on the Sign Out Sheets?

The different code required on the Daily Sign Out Sheet indicate why a student is being picked up early from the After School Program. If a student is picked up before the end of the program day, 5:00 pm, we require a reason for the early pick-up. This allows us to keep track of why students have left our program early. In short, it is a requirement of the operations of our program which is used to help calculate attendance.